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:star:Before depicting Dramira or others related to her, you must read, understand and agree to these rules and terms: No exceptions. You must then contact me and tell me what you had in mind.
Last update on document: Jan 2014

Dramira by DramiraDarkthorn
Welome to the fan club and art collection group for Dramira!
Created by DramiraDarkthorn

Goddess Dramira? Slightly narcissistic but not exactly untrue.
Dramira may not be an actual goddess, but to many she looks like one and there are plenty who treat her like she is!
Dramira has been captivating viewers and readers from around the world since January 2011.
With her white & black hair, champagne-colored eyes and crimson lips, she's an unforgettable image.

If you haven't met this deadly seductress just yet, you've been warned- she is as dangerous as she is beautiful. Take a look around at the stories and images but be careful not to fall under her spell.

Whether your love her or hate her, Dramira's the star. She comes from 100% original setting with many other significant characters, some not yet revealed. Dramira's author/creator is slowly working towards having her specific vision of these fictional individuals illustrated as she envisions them and hopes to progress toward detailed scenes from their lives in the world they live in. A series of novels are in the work but it will take time, so the best way to learn the most about Dramira and all related to her would to be by contacting Mina. Feel free to say hello and ask questions by noting over at DramiraDarkthorn Remember, Dramira isn't just an image.

Dramira, her world and related characters are the intellectual property of her author. Artwork of such is under her copyright. No use of characters, images, concepts, etc. are allowed.

DISCLAIMER: Dramira's creator and all group members are not responsible for spontaneous fainting and sexy-overloads that the contents of this gallery may induce.

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deviation in storage by DramiraDarkthorn

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Today marks 3 years of Dramira on the web!

Dramira3yrs by DramiraDarkthorn
If anyone's confused because of my account age, I had a different profile when I first signed up to this site 3 years ago. 

This has been an awesome journey into sharing my creations with people who are interested in them. I never thought this could happen.

It all sort of just came to be about 10 years ago now. I believe I first started envisioning Dramira when I was 14. It wasn't conscious at all. I'd see her world, people in it, her, their lives, like a movie playing or looking into a portal to a place that must exist somewhere. I still can't really wrap my head around it. I express myself (not me in a vain way, the story isn't about me, but points I want to make through literature) through the narrative (apologies for not having writing up at the moment) but never pick and choose who the characters are, what they say and what they do. It must speak to me, and then I can tell their story. Through their story, I can express artistic concepts and whatever else. I can't say I'm a story-teller because I can't plan out a plot and make up people from my conscious imagination. I do know that a world exists and Dramira's in it, and she stole the spotlight. I always thought that if I was to write the story, there was a different character who was going to lead it, actually. Dramira isn't a force to be ignored, it seems. 

I hope to show you more characters, get you reading and hold your interest. I also apologize for the terrible condition my DA profile is in. It's impossible to put what I want to without premium, but I don't use this site enough anymore to pay for it. I promise I'll fix it up soon. 

Thank you for everything! xoxo

Dramira by DramiraDarkthorn

PS: I won't ever allow use of Dramira or art of her. I keep seeing people using her name and pics on some sites (even some watermark removers, go fuck yourselves and die), and they're not me or associated with me. I try to ask people to remove images, do the right thing, report if they don't etc. but I can't find everyone or handle how bad it's gotten. I knew this was a risk I was taking when I started sharing online. I've noticed that most of this theft is sourced from deviantart, and that's really sad. This is supposed to be a place to be respectful to other creatives. It's not okay that people do this. Please care about how the author/artist/creator feels about what they're showing online. If they aren't comfortable with use or anything else, that's their choice. I would have thought if you like something, you'd treat it with respect, but apparently it's far from the truth. I see so much art abuse online. It isn't always promotional, and just because you think it's harmless, doesn't mean it won't break someone's heart who originally created the piece or idea. Some use against the copyright holder's permission is illegal, and they can seek criminal prosecution. Please be kind to creatives, if you're a lurker, consumer or a creative yourself. Deviantart isn't a place to get stuff you can use, unless it's actually stock. Ask first, respect the answer you receive or any limitations. Just because it's here, doesn't mean it's for the public to use. That being said! The only facebook profiles and pages officially associated with Dramira are: my personal profile (feel free to say hello or follow me) and Dramira's page Tumblrs are and Other than artists uploading pieces they've drawn on Dramira, no one is permitted to do so. I do have some profiles on other sites but these are the most used. Any other profiles are NOT mine!

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LadyPirotessa Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Just dropping in to say Happy New Year to one of the most tantalizing and terrifying ladies I know!

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Nice group! 
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Thank you for letting me into the group! Such wonderful art you have in here!
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Veeerrry late as I forgot about deviantart completely but thanks for the add lady of the house :)
MirageMari Nov 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
New icon is great :wow:
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:blackrose::blackrose::blackrose:Dear Lady Dramira - my honest wishes to you on your Birthday! :heart:Your sincerely admirer Fae :blackrose::blackrose::blackrose::cake:
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Haseo-Yamazaki Mar 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the add hun.
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Great group I hope it grows as well as AdultAnonymous did
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